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One of the better Oud’s available. More subtle and nuanced than a Montale product, of which I own. But Montale formulates for the Middle East with more Rose in their formula. Pure Oud is not a complex formula, it has some sandlewood in it but it’s Oud notes are very nice. You can not compare this to an Arabian Oud; in an oil perfume formula. Which incidentally can cost hundreds of dollars more. It is a nice grounded Oud with deep earthy tones to it. It is not sweet nor flowery, which some people like. but I want Oud pure and simple, but I will not pay that much money for Oud in oil perfume prices. Sillage lasts all day into next for me. And its projection is within several feet. It will not announce you several blocks away. It is not a punch you in the face oud or arabian mans perfume. The sandlewood and cedar are subtle but noticable. I hardly notice any rose in Pure Oud, but I know it is there. Oud and Rose and insepperable. If you want a good Oud, you will have to pay for it.


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