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Happy Birthday Sir Mick!




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First and foremost, this is not an instructional series of posts. Rather it is a compilation of pieces of advice, tid-bits from well known authors and my own personal views on dressing appropriately and dressing well.

Day one, the Head.


Question: Are hats outdated, where and when can they be worn and what should I buy?


To answer…there is no correct answer to the first part of the question, it really depends on the person and the confidence with which that person can and will pull off a desired look. Fedoras, Trilbys, Bowlers – purchase and wear these with caution. There was a time, for example, that Bowlers could only be worn by officers in the military and the political or social elite. So be sure to match these type of hats with clothing that will look both stylish and ‘correct.’ Fedora: straw or felt? Cream Chinos, tapered, blue suede or blue boat shoes, cream or light blue poplar cotton shirt (cream straw hat) (or) a tailored solid blue or black suit, strong crimson tie, solid white Egyptian cotton shirt and Black brogued oxfords. Trilbys are more universal. The bowler can be worn with three piece striped or solid TAILORED suits. Matched with solid leather (black) oxfords or cap toe monks.

I wear and enjoy wearing a traditional driving cap in green plaid tweed by Christies of London. These are easy to pair with well fitted jeans (not slim!!!) a nice pair of light brown loafers and a light or medium colored solid, plaid or striped shirt with a brown belt!

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Today, from around the Commonwealth and certainly, from around the world; we welcome a new addition to the Royal family. A baby boy, he was born early this morning to two adoring and beautiful parents. What a great thing for the Monarchy, that is suffering through hard economic and social times. Let’s all make sure we spare a thought for the Royal Family on this awesome day!


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