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This look will get you laid, get you paid and better yet, you’ll feel incredible! The cotton pants by Paul Smith are pricey, but undeniably cool. The fine gauge crew neck by John Smedley, is light and very breathable. The Lobb loafers are the best of the best, in terms of an off the rack shoe. As for the blazer, you decide – but never skimp on quality – it’s an imperative part of any outfit for that corporate roof top party or a day on the yacht…


Cotton, slim fit pants by Paul Smith – 250 GBP

Crewneck by John Smedley – 110 GBP


John Lobb Loafers – 990 GBP

Acne Single Breasted Blazer – 350 GBP


Steve McQueen cool – Priceless


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The absolute best socks money can buy. From wool, to cotton, silk and cashmere – the range is huge and the quality is unmatched by any competitors. Their latest range of cashmere blend socks are to die for! Check them out:



“These days, the Pantherella cashmere socks are gaining in popularity. One of the best things about the Pantherella cashmere socks is the supreme quality of the material used in them. Cashmere is meant to be warm and a classic item will outlast all of the trends. Actually, the real Pantherella cashmere socks is not made from the ordinary wool but made from the wools derived from Kashmir goat reised for this purpose. This type of wool has a special quality in terms of look and softness. After deriving the wool, it is made even softer to make the Pantherella cashmere socks. No wonder, when you wearing them, you get a feeling incomparable to others socks you have in the drawer. One problem with the Pantherella cashmere socks is that the wool is not available in a large quantity, that is why you should always be sure the quality of the Pantherella cashmere socks that you are purchasing. Online stores like the ones that advertise here have an excellent assortment of cashmere. Their items are always rotating, but if you check frequently, you will find your Pantherella cashmere socks for a very heavy discount. Most of the time Pantherella cashmere socks inventory in these online stores move really fast so you will have to check often and be prepared to make that purchase when you see an item that you want. If you are shopping for your socks remember to look for socks that fit your own size, though sometimes unisex and one size fits all might work. you want to ensure that the pair of socks you are getting is larger than the extent of your shoes. Be sure that the hind most part of the socks must be specifically within the heel not over or even under it. It is imperative to have a good fit with the couple of socks you are putting on so that you will feel relaxed when doing your sports activities like skiing or whatever physical activities you do. Look around here and find the best discount price for Pantherella cashmere socks.”

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Inspired by the best Europe and Great Britain has to offer, RJB in downtown, Auckland – is both a haven AND inspiration for style-concious men.

RJB Design was formed in 2000 to fill the need owners Natasha and Ronald Biddick saw for sophisticated, European-influenced menswear in Auckland.

Both Natasha and Ronald have extensive experience in menswear both in Europe and in New Zealand: Natasha worked with “the Freud of Fashion” Malcolm Levene and Ronald was General Manager – London for Ermenegildo Zegna.

RJB selected High St for its flagship store because they felt it was Auckland’s leading fashion street. The Metropolis complex offered the European mood they sought for the store – set back from the street and therefore lower key and discrete.”

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1. Find a decent tailor, build a good relationship. Doug Hayward, tailor and stylist to stars like Michael Caine, Peter Sellers and Roger Moore. His creations were exemplified by a mix of Italian forward thinking and traditional British tailoring. Much like Paul Smith of today, Hayward was one of the sartorial wizards to emerge in 1960s London; from his tailoring business at 95 Mount Street, Mayfair, he brought a new personality to the serious man’s attire. You need to find a tailor like Hayward.

2. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching colors and testing bold patterns. Caine is famous for splashes of color or patterns such as argyle mixed in tastefully with his classy Italian suits. When done correctly, this style does not look loud or obtrusive, simply classic and dapper, like Michael Caine’s style.

3. Try different types of blazer or suit. Three button, instead of two for example. The best part about Caine’s style is that it’s completely accessible and relevant for any lifestyle even if you aren’t a suit-and-tie guy. While two-button suits are everywhere and anything with a third button has all but disappeared, there is an opportunity to follow in Caine’s footsteps and become a real trendsetter. A three button that rolls to two buttons can be difficult to find, but it’s considered by Italians to be the hallmark of fine tailoring. It gives the jacket a more laid-back look with rounded edges rather than sharply creased lines on the lapel.

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I love bikes. I recently restored a ’79 Bonnie with my father. My Granddad was well respected in motorcycle circles, and i’m proud to have finished the project. In two weeks, one of the most fantastic auctions in the history of New Zealand automobilia will occur. Tonight, there is a preview for prospective buyers and I am attending! I will post photos…here is what is on offer:

1902 Norton Energette

1950 HRD-Vincent Rapide

1955 Vincent Black Knight


There will be scores of other bikes on display, including (rumoured) a Brough Superiore. Since a few of my regular readers have requested a special on British bikes – this should excite many of you!


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One of the best dressed and one of the most famous on screen heros of the 1960s. John Steed was the quintessential British gentleman. Educated, loyal, humble and mysterious – he reflected what many at the time considered to be the perfect man. Here’s what made him cool

Although he was sometimes forced to work undercover in a variety of outfits, many of which were of decent cut but questionable aesthetic, Steed always returned to his Savile Row worsted and Lock’s bowler. It is interesting to note that among contemporaries, Steed has a reputation as a dandy. To me, Steed has always been too well-dressed to be considered a dandy. His bowler adds an antiquated Edwardian touch to his capers in and out of Swinging London, but he is far more conventional: Austin Powers he ain’t.



His brands?

Swaine Adeney Brigg umbrellas
Having supplied the royal family for over 200 years, this company is renowned for the exclusivity and uniqueness of its handcrafted umbrellas. Prices start at around 100 pounds, and come with a lifetime warranty.

Locke & Co bowler hat
This is one of the oldest hat makers in history. The quality of the top hats are second to none. I personally own one a and would recommend every hat lover to take the plunge. They are 275 pounds

Turnbull & Asser shirts
Turnbull & Asser make the best off the rack shirts, bar none. At 135 pounds they aren’t cheap, but Steed did have exquisite taste, this helped him become one of the best dressed fictional spies in history. Far more Edwardian than Bond.

Henry Poole bespoke three piece
A long established and very highly regarded firm, their three piece suits are highly priced, and highly prized.


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