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Or the flat cap, an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. These are so timeless and versatile, how can you be without one?

They come in varying fabrics – but the design stays the same, here take a look



Both examples are made by Orvis and start at 69 pounds.


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The hunting code. Something that mustn’t be trifled with. A long standing tradition dictates what one may and may not wear on a hunt. Here is a little information on that cool english hunting jacket –

Firstly: Gentleman who have been awarded their hunt button may wear red hunting coats or tails.
IT is a great honor to be awarded a hunt button. Wearing a red coat means you may; ride alongside the field master (if invited to do so, of course.) The bright red jacket also shows you possess great skill and prowess in the field.



For those of us who have not been awarded their hunt button; an autumn hunt dictates that one may wear a tweed jacket. This should be Harris (since it is hard wearing.) Traditionally, this is the time when young hounds learnt to hunt their quarry, so historically a person’s first autumn hunt is an important event.



The formal hunting dress is different again.  First worn at the opening meet and continues throughout the season until the end of The Cheltenham Festival after which time “ratcatcher” is re-adopted. There are slight differences for men and women and those who have the privilege of wearing the “hunt button” dress slightly differently again, as do the Masters.


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A couple of great looking jackets every man should think about purchasing (and even a couple for women!) All the designs shown are very fairly priced!

Claudia Coat
This rather pretty young lady sports a Claudia coat – made from 100% Harris Tweed, you can purchase it new online, they are made to order

The Glen Jacket
I’m not generally a fan of three button jackets, but this Harris Tweed number really does it for me!

This suit proves that too much Tweed can be a good thing. This outfit is Brilliant – throw on a pair of wellies and you’re ready for a bonnie day or shooting and walking!

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Wondering what to don this summer to do your part as a dedicated follower of that dandy British style?

Firstly, don’t be afraid to experiment!
Lots of color, add a grey crew neck over a light blue or striped cotton button up (w/button down color,) a light chino or jean, and a pair of used Sperry boat shoes or Converse Jack Purcell Originals for that oh so British yacht club look that JFK Sr. had perfected

For a more refined look, opt for a more traditionally British brand like Hackett or Thomas Pink.
Look at this perfect combination of color, whites and British perfection by Hackett of London.

White pants,  white oxfords or lace-ups, off-white button up cuff-linked shirt and a baby blue tie, coupled with a club blazer – this could also be seersucker!

Essential summer accessories for the everyday British gentleman

A pocket watch. Why not do something different this summer? There are plenty of options – you can pick up some beautiful vintage timepieces for under fifty pounds! Check out these two, aren’t they just fantastic? They cost 150 and 50 pounds respectively

Panama Hat
Hills hats and Lock & Co. Both do a beautiful little number – these can be folded up and stored in a tube

There is more to come! Check back soon. If you would like to order anything you see on our site! It’s possible (with the exception of John Lobb shoes.)

Cheerio for now!

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One of the best scenes from one of the best and most British sitcoms ever created, Dad’s Army

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