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I was sent a text yesterday from the person i’d ordered these from – stating that they were in from Scotland and ready to collect! They will be getting their first real test next week as I embark on a camping trip and maybe some shooting in the North Island of New ZEALAND

Aren’t they just awesome??

Cheerio for now!

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An exquisite bike, an absolute beast to ride – it holds a commanding presence on the road. An excellent example of British automotive engineering. Made famous by Marlon Brando in The Wild One.

Here’s a short video of a lucky chap, who owns one.

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How to make tea

This is a quintessential British activity and when made correctly, tea tastes great and is very relaxing!

Step one:

Empty out any water left in the kettle. Quarter fill kettle with freshly drawn water.
Place kettle on hob or switch on if using an electric kettle. When the kettle has almost boiled pour approximately half a cup of hot water into the tea pot.
Swirl the hot water around the tea pot to warm the pot and pour out the hot water just before the kettle boils.

Step two:

Immediately add 4 teaspoons of loose tea leaves to the warmed tea pot. – This varies depending on how much tea is being made. As a general rule – one teaspoon for one cup, then an additional teaspoon ‘for the pot.’
Quickly and carefully pour the furiously boiling water over the tea leaves in the tea pot, making sure you add enough water for 2 cups of tea. (Just over 2 cups of water is sufficient.)

Step three.

Stir your tea.

Step four.

Allow to stand for three to five minutes

Step five.

Adding milk – Some believe the milk should be added to the teacup prior to pouring in the tea. This briefly scalds the milk. Others, think it is best to pour the tea into the teacup and then finally add milk to taste. I prefer the latter. – It’s entirely up to you!

Here’s a rather nice video:

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Tweed find

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John Lobb

Almost certainly many of you will know the brand. John Lobb is boot maker to many famous names – past & present including: King Edward VII and Charles, Prince of Wales, along with the likes of Hugh Grant and the fictional James Bond.

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